Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Monument 14

  Monument 14 is a trilogy about an unbelievably terrifying natural disaster in Monument, a nice town in Colorado. After something wipes out the Internet, rendering their smart phones and
tablets useless, 14 kids, including Dean, will have to learn how to manage to survive in a chain store. After a series of disaster after disaster tears apart their lives, ending with a chemical spill, who’ll come out of this alive?

  This book did not let me sleep until I had finished it. I think that a lot of middle schoolers will like it because of the fast-paced Hunger Games-style action along with the endless drama of 14 kids confined in a small space together. I really hope that you guys will enjoy this book, because I know that I did.

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

By Paige McKenzie

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          The Haunting of Sunshine Girl is an enchanting book about a girl named Sunshine. Seems simple right? Thats what you would think, but Sunshine's life is turned upside down when she moves into a new house, one that may be haunted. 
          So I know that this sounds like any other ghost story in the world with "oohs" and "awes", and I'm not going to claim that it is any different.  It is the same old book of ghosts, except for how the ghost world is presented.
          In every good story with spirits from an unknown world, the magical world is explained in great detail. The author tells you how the story and the other world interact, and this book's interaction in truly intreguing. 
          Sunshine girl sees ghosts, but nobody around her can. When she moves into a new house in Washington state, things get strange. Sunshine's mother starts acting peculiar, and that is no understatement. Her mother, who is usually very caring, turns cold when a water demon controls her every thoughts and feelings. 
         Will Sunshine be able to get the demon out of her mother before it kills everyone and everything she cares about? Will Sunshine figure out who she really is, and her parents are, who left her at the enterance to a hospital when she was born? Maybe, but maybe not. 
Find out by reading:

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl