Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Gabe and Izzy

Gabe and Izzy

By Gabrielle Ford

          Gabe and Izzy by Gabrielle Ford is a non-fiction book about, as the title suggests, Gabe and Izzy. Gabrielle(Gabe) Ford wrote this book to tell the true story of her childhood and young adult life. When she was in middle school, Gabe developed a muscle and bone disease called friedreich's ataxia. This limited her physical abilitys, but had no affect on her mind. Because she had this ataxia, she was different, and because she was different, she was crowned as weird. This made Gabe picked on a lot. After going through bullying first hand, Gabe struggled to find a reason to live, until Izzy came along. Izzy forced Gabe to come out of her comfort zone and go into the world. 
            When Izzy, a puppy, didn't have the energy of a "normal" pup, Gabe had to take her to the doctor. Izzy was diagnosed with a disease that limited her ability to move. This disease was very simular to Gabe's, and it seemed like destiny.  
            When Izzy started to get strange looks, Gabe realized that her dog was kind of like what happened t her. Although nobody was bullying her dog, Izzy gave her strength to talk about what had happened to her during her middle school and high school years and being bullied. Gabe started to go to different schools to talk, and of couse, Izzy was right by her side.
            Izzy and Gabe really had an amazing bond, and I hope that you take the time to read this book. It's a true story, and there are some photos in it to help develop the characters


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