Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Uglies By Scott Westerfeld

“Uglies” written by Scott Westerfeld is a futuristic book that puts you in the shoes of main character Tally Youngblood. In the book’s dystopian society once you reach the age of 16 years old you receive major cosmic surgery making you perfect and pretty. However Tally’s friend Shay left for the city of Smoke leaving Tally directions to the city. Before she decided to travel to Smoke the authorities capture her giving her the option, expose Smoke or never be pretty. Tally’s decision could change the world.
This book was very interesting and caught my attention from the first paragraph. Scott Westerfeld used pauses in the action to allow the reader the time to process the craziness that the book entails. I recommend this book for all readers that like dystopian universes, good stories, and exciting action.
I hope you read Uglies by Scott Westerfeld.   


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