Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Monument 14

  Monument 14 is a trilogy about an unbelievably terrifying natural disaster in Monument, a nice town in Colorado. After something wipes out the Internet, rendering their smart phones and
tablets useless, 14 kids, including Dean, will have to learn how to manage to survive in a chain store. After a series of disaster after disaster tears apart their lives, ending with a chemical spill, who’ll come out of this alive?

  This book did not let me sleep until I had finished it. I think that a lot of middle schoolers will like it because of the fast-paced Hunger Games-style action along with the endless drama of 14 kids confined in a small space together. I really hope that you guys will enjoy this book, because I know that I did.

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl

By Paige McKenzie

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          The Haunting of Sunshine Girl is an enchanting book about a girl named Sunshine. Seems simple right? Thats what you would think, but Sunshine's life is turned upside down when she moves into a new house, one that may be haunted. 
          So I know that this sounds like any other ghost story in the world with "oohs" and "awes", and I'm not going to claim that it is any different.  It is the same old book of ghosts, except for how the ghost world is presented.
          In every good story with spirits from an unknown world, the magical world is explained in great detail. The author tells you how the story and the other world interact, and this book's interaction in truly intreguing. 
          Sunshine girl sees ghosts, but nobody around her can. When she moves into a new house in Washington state, things get strange. Sunshine's mother starts acting peculiar, and that is no understatement. Her mother, who is usually very caring, turns cold when a water demon controls her every thoughts and feelings. 
         Will Sunshine be able to get the demon out of her mother before it kills everyone and everything she cares about? Will Sunshine figure out who she really is, and her parents are, who left her at the enterance to a hospital when she was born? Maybe, but maybe not. 
Find out by reading:

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl 

Friday, February 12, 2016

I Will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two Lives

By Martin Ganda , Caitlin Alifirenka, and , Liz Welch

          I Will Always Write Back: How One Letter Changed Two Lives, From Caitlin Alifirenka, Martin Ganda, and Liz Welch is a nonfiction book written in the first person, so I guess its like a autobiography. This book is a little weird though, compared to how other nonfiction books are written. Caitlin, as a twelve year old girl, gets a pen pal from a country far far away... Zimbabwea. Her classmates also get pen pals, but none wanted any from far away places they had never heard of. Most of her class chose places like Germany, or England, or other well-known places in Europe. After a few months, most of the pen pal relationships stopped, or have seriously slowed down. Caitlin, however, stays in touch. 
        Martin on the other hand, was a boy, about twelve, struggling to stay in school with his country's plumitting economy and struggling family. When he gets letters from his new friend in America, he is given hope of going to meet her and start a career in The United States. 
        This book is written by Caitlin and Martin, switching point of view every chapter. It is a really good book about how even when two people are thousand of miles apart, they can still have a good functioning healthy friendly relationship. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Genius Files Series

  In this amazing series created by Dan Gutman, Coke and Pepsi McDonald, two very smart twins, cross paths with a huge organization. After jumping off of a cliff together, they learn about the Genius Files, and why they were selected. After making a choice that changed the course of their lives, they are dragged across the country, stopping at a few amazing sites all while simultaneously fighting for their lives, using their brains to avoid death by impossibly well thought-out scenarios.
  I personally loved this book because of its fast-paced adventure and extremely clever plot and locations. With its arsenal of genuine unforgettable characters and smart and witty humor, I fell in love with this series after one of my friends suggested it to me. Many kids my age would love this series as well because of the comedy and drama elements combined.

The Rule of Three Trilogy

  The first book in this series, The Rule of Three, was an amazing way to start off this series. It centers on the average neighborhood of Eden Mills, where a teenage Adam Daley lives. After an all-too-real apocalyptic blackout crashes the community’s infrastructure, Adam Daley has to learn how to deal with all sorts of big and small threats that could either strengthen him or rip the delicate new system to shreds.
  I loved this book because it was well thought out and clever, which is why I think that middle schoolers would love it. It was just a fast-paced read that didn’t let me put down the book until I finally reached the ending.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


By Scott Westerfeld

Afterworlds by Scott Westerfeld is about fresh author Darcy Patel as she gets the big writing deal of a lifetime. She moves to New York City as she finishes writing her book Afterworlds. She has to learn how to survive in an urban environment, while getting help from other major writers. On the other side of the story Lizzie, Darcy’s main character in Afterworlds survives a terrorist attack and ends up falling into the afterworld, a place between life and death where many secrets are revealed. Lizzie must learn to use her special gifts to save the people she loves.
I personally found this book awesome and full of extra detail. The plot line is made interesting from the dual story lines and there is rarely a lull in the action. It also gives you a close up view of what writing and rewriting books might be like in real life. I hope you read and enjoy one of my favorite books this year.  

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Gabe and Izzy

Gabe and Izzy

By Gabrielle Ford

          Gabe and Izzy by Gabrielle Ford is a non-fiction book about, as the title suggests, Gabe and Izzy. Gabrielle(Gabe) Ford wrote this book to tell the true story of her childhood and young adult life. When she was in middle school, Gabe developed a muscle and bone disease called friedreich's ataxia. This limited her physical abilitys, but had no affect on her mind. Because she had this ataxia, she was different, and because she was different, she was crowned as weird. This made Gabe picked on a lot. After going through bullying first hand, Gabe struggled to find a reason to live, until Izzy came along. Izzy forced Gabe to come out of her comfort zone and go into the world. 
            When Izzy, a puppy, didn't have the energy of a "normal" pup, Gabe had to take her to the doctor. Izzy was diagnosed with a disease that limited her ability to move. This disease was very simular to Gabe's, and it seemed like destiny.  
            When Izzy started to get strange looks, Gabe realized that her dog was kind of like what happened t her. Although nobody was bullying her dog, Izzy gave her strength to talk about what had happened to her during her middle school and high school years and being bullied. Gabe started to go to different schools to talk, and of couse, Izzy was right by her side.
            Izzy and Gabe really had an amazing bond, and I hope that you take the time to read this book. It's a true story, and there are some photos in it to help develop the characters